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What is a power distribution box ?

What is a power distribution box ?

The power distribution box is an electric appliance and its line is placed in the box, 

which is used to distribute electric power energy. Power distribution box. They are installed 

in the enterprise's substation, the power distribution to different locations of the lower power 

distribution equipment.

power distribution box


(1) the first level power distribution equipment, referred to as the power distribution center. 

They are installed in the enterprise's substation, the power distribution to different locations 

of the lower power distribution equipment. This device is only on the step down transformer, 

so the electrical parameters are higher, and the output circuit is larger.

power distribution box

(2) two stage distribution equipment, is the power distribution box and 

motor control center. Power distribution box used in the load more scattered, 

less loop occasions; motor control center for centralized load, loop more occasions.

They distribute the power of a circuit of the upper level power distribution equipment 

to the nearest one. This level of equipment should provide protection, monitoring and 

control of the load.
(3) the final distribution equipment for general lighting power distribution box. 

They are far away from the power supply center, which is a distributed small 

capacity power distribution equipment.