Six characteristics of low voltage isolation switch, third and its important

Six characteristics of low voltage isolation switch, third and its important

Six characteristics of low voltage isolation switch

Low voltage isolation switch as a safety switch, is widely used in power distribution system, but there are 

many enterprises do not understand because its performance characteristics, and at the time of purchase

 misunderstanding, following small to count, about six errors common isolation switch.

1 isolation switch and knife switch is a kind of product?

Explanation: refers to the isolation switch in the open position, can satisfy a switch provided for isolator

requirements, is one of the switch, which is to say, including knife switch, isolating switch.

2 isolation switch does not have any effect?
Interpretation: This is not the correct concept, the isolation switch is a sign of a clear short circuit in 

the electrical workers, maintenance, you can remind and protect the personal safety of maintenance 

personnel, an indispensable.
3 isolation switches can call the master switch?
Explanation: the isolation switch is in the maintenance of the circuit to ensure the disconnection of the 

switch, it does not destroy the arc device, it is generally used to cooperate with the main switch, but 

not directly when the master switch.
4 low voltage electrical switches can also be used for high pressure?
Explanation: low voltage electrical is the electrical equipment that works at DC1500V, AC1000V. 

When the voltage is higher than this value, it is easy to produce the arc isolating switch bare copper

 bar and no arc device characteristics are likely to endanger the operation of people's life, so the low 

voltage isolation switch is absolutely not for high pressure.
5 isolation switches must be used with the circuit breaker.
The isolation switch can replace the isolating knife and the fuse, and the arc extinguishing device is added, 

and the fuse type isolating switch uses the fuse to replace the circuit breaker.
6 isolation switches must choose "foreign brands"?
The main factors that determine the quality of the isolation switch are: material and die. This makes some 

domestic brands (such as jinlaile electric) product quality is not inferior to the international brand, can be 

assured to buy.